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Can Women Be Ministers?

Ben Witherington has written a concise summary and refutation of the most prevalent arguments against women in ministry.

As I have learned over many years…. the problem in the church is not strong and gifted women.  We need all those we can get, and were it not for them, many churches would have closed long ago. I remember so vividly meeting the babooshkas—the grandmothers in the Moscow Baptist Church, who had stopped Stalin from closing the church by standing in the door and not letting his troops enter and close it down.  Thank God for strong, gifted women in the church.   No, the problem in the church is not strong women, but rather weak men who feel threatened by strong women, and have tried various means, even by dubious exegesis to prohibit them from exercising their gifts and graces in  the church.

Witherington is a biblical scholar, and his arguments are based on careful exegesis of biblical texts. Anyone who would appeal to church tradition to override reasonable interpretations of what the Bible teaches will presumably be impervious to his arguments. More’s the pity.