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Clarence Jordan, Pray with Us

More people need to know the story of Clarence Jordan, a genuine Baptist saint:

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary had hosted many people before Clarence and would host many after him but Clarence Jordan was something different. In 1938, Clarence had just received his Ph.D. in New Testament and felt equipped to do whatever it was that God was calling him to. The challenge, of course, is that what had seemed so clear for so many years was suddenly cloudier. This further calling had descended upon Clarence as he studied the scripture and would not let him go. He was challenged by what he read and translated and would not allow himself to rationalize away its scandal and strength. Clarence was challenged and rebuked by the stories he enveloped himself in and found his increasing discomfort with the status quo a powerful witness to the possibility of redemption.



  1. Josh says:

    One of my favorites.


  2. Chris S says:

    Mine, too. His inspiration led me to do a summer internship at Koinonia Farm. They’re still kicking…and still struggling to figure out what it means to be a community! Go figure.


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