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The Ten Lost Tribes

The Ten “Lost Tribes of Israel” were mentioned briefly in class yesterday. Claude Mariottini has today linked to an interesting article about the place these tribes eventually inherited in Jewish folklore, and also provides a number of links to his own thoughts on the subject. (And no, I still don’t think they’re the British!)



  1. Darrell,

    I agree with you. I still do not believe that the British, the Americans, and the Canadians are the lost tribes of Israel. In fact, I don’t believe the tribes were lost either.

    Claude Mariottini


  2. Brian Small says:

    In seminary I had a fellow student tell me that British comes from “berit” – covenant, and “ish” – man. Hence “covenant people” – I was not convinced. đŸ™‚


  3. Did he go on to tell you that Saxon was really short for “Isaac’s Son”? (and that you’re allowed to drop the “I” because the vowels weren’t written in Hebrew?)


  4. mikelioso says:

    From my reading of what took place in the Assyrian conquest of Israel, it seems that only the rich, the leaders of Israel would have been moved off. Without them, the peasents, the people of the land, who seem to have a quasi-Israelite status would content them selves to feeding themselves.

    It is the educated elite who conjure up rebellions over heritage and culture and theology. The poor have more pressing worries. And without sympathetic masses to manipulate into millitery service, the deported elites would have a hard time raisng rebellion in the empirial fringes the’ve been deported to. They would turn their focus to securing a living and thuse do what they do best, organise the lower classes. So after the deportation, their would be lots of people who would feel they are Ephraimites or Danites ect., but no one who could serve as a priest, had or could read the Torah. And nobody who could prove their family heritage to the blue bloods of Judah.


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