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Most Obvious Scientific Discoveries of 2009

I’d love to read the grant applications for some of these.

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  1. Craig says:

    “Eating Lots of Red Meat and Processed Meat is Bad for You”

    I grow increasingly irritated when I read things like this. What constitutes “lots”? I’ve seen that eating “too much” red meat (and other things, just using red meat here since it was mentioned) can lead to “Insert your bad thing here”; however, most articles don’t bother to quantify what “lots” and “too much” mean. I generally follow recommended servings / quantities, e.g., I drink green tea, try to limit cups of coffee to 2 a day, eat almonds, broccoli, apples and oranges (try for 5-6 servings a day), and try to eat fish the recommended 2x per day. We also fairly regularly substitute chicken or turkey rather than ground beef or steak. But I enjoy steaks and hamburgers as well. So if I eat three hamburgers a week, I have no idea of knowing if that is too many. I’ve read that red meat also has nutrients our bodies need, so it’d be nice to have a recommended servings of red meat per week, rather than the general “lots can kill you.”


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