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My Problem Is, I’m Just too Orthodox

Which is only a problem because I grew up in, and continue to identify with, a spiritual tradition that has often settled for homodoxy instead.

Fortunately, here in the heart of central Georgia is a Baptist church that is at least taking baby steps toward orthodoxy as Fr. Peters describes it: the liturgical year, spiritual formation, etc. Heck, we even have Sunday school classes that study ancient Christian psalmody and Eastern Orthodox spirituality, and we’re going to be offering a class this summer on the Apostles Creed.

Of course, if you asked anybody in the merely homodox Georgia Baptist Convention, they’d probably tell you we were a bunch of “liberals.” Go figure.



  1. If that’s liberal, then thank God for liberals!


  2. Bosco Peters says:

    Greetings Darrell, nice to see your reflection here 🙂
    You are also welcome to add your point as a comment on my post.
    I appreciate that for many the “orthodox” can appear “liberal” also.
    If you add my site to your links, drop me an email so that I’m sure to add yours to my links.


  3. SingingOwl says:

    Oh DP…sigh. I do like your pastor’s ruminations on the church blog.

    If I could attend your church I might just become a Baptist again. I wish I were younger and braver (or more foolish) because if I were I’d pioneer a church that is…what I long to find and know that no such thing exists anywhere around. I’m not even sure that such a thing woudl be possible. We’d have liturgy and tradition and also freedom and openess to interruption by the Spirit. We’d celebrate the Church calendar (probably loosely, with modifications, but hey…), and we’d have a choir and an organ and a praise band and guitars and communion that was as meaningful as I could attempt to make it.

    Blessings to your church. I hope someday I visit it. 🙂


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