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The Bible ≠ the Gospel

Why do so many people who have an unwavering faith in the Bible do such stupid things with it? That’s not quite the way David Ker puts the question, but he is struggling with how to teach people to do better. His thoughts are worth a read. He begins,

This is my fourth year teaching exegesis to Mozambican Bible college students. I walk a fine line between getting the students to interpret the Scriptures properly on one hand and to not apply it incorrectly on the other. It is a given among my students that the Bible is God’s Word. It is inspired. All of it is profitable. Every passage and verse has wisdom and application for us today. But this high regard for the Bible frequently leads to nonsense and often downright heresy. That’s because, simply put, not everything in the Bible is applicable to us today.

He makes some interesting suggestions about improving the soundness of one’s exegesis, which will no doubt be more compelling for people of some theological persuasions than for others.


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