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Things I Know: April 17, 2010

I can’t pronounce the name of that volcano in Iceland.

People who object to religious claims in biology textbooks really ought to object to religious claims in biology textbooks.

Jesus never visited Great Britain—but if he did, it most assuredly wasn’t to study with the druids.

Twenty to thirty minutes really ought to be plenty of time for anybody to deliver a sermon.



  1. Jeannie says:

    If a preacher is going to speak non-stop for 30 minutes, she had better be really, really good. Otherwise, the 7-minute homily was a nice guideline. A sermon isn’t a college lecture, after all. The purpose isn’t to inform, but to transform.

    Somebody should do a study on this. I bet they’d find that short sermons have a greater impact.


  2. My theory is that a shorter sermon takes more time to prepare, but the effort is worth it! As with most things, however, cultural expectations play a part. What is “too short” for some congregations may still be “too long” for others.


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