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I’m with Her Majesty on This One


  1. SingingOwl says:

    LOL! “Whatever makes you ‘appy. I could care less.” LOLOOL

    Never thought of the “hold down the fort” though I’ve never said that one, but I have noticed, and always find “could care less” irritating.

    My own personal soapbox would be about how, someway or the other, the word “myself” has almost completely replaced proper use of “me” and “I.”

    “Just see myself if you want to know more. Joe and myself are working together.” I heard that very one this a.m.


  2. Jessica says:

    I have been bothered for years by “I could care less.” He’s right, it doesn’t mean what people think it means!
    The other one that bothers me is “irregardless.” “Regardless” means “without regard.” If you add ir- to the beginning, since ir- means “not” or “without,” you are saying “not without regard” or “not not regarding,” which, in the English language, means the opposite of what people want it to mean.
    That’s my soapbox. (:


  3. That’s truly funny…and truly true!


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