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לחים, y’all!

Now this is interesting. According to a report in the Atlantic, synagogues in some southern cities are offering cash for Jews to relocate there:

Of the 140 houses of worship in Dothan, Alabama—a city of 68,000 residents and the self-proclaimed “Peanut Capital of the World”—just one is a synagogue. Members of that 80-year-old synagogue, the only one in 15 counties, are now offering as much as $50,000 to Jewish families willing to move to Dothan and join their religious ranks. Three couples have already taken the money and relocated. Many others are interested but remain wary about Alabama and the Deep South. “I tell them there’s running water, that we wear shoes, have a Starbucks. There have never been any swastikas on the temple door,” Rob Goldsmith, the director of the resettlement program and the husband of Temple Emanu-El’s new rabbi, told me. “George Wallace standing in the schoolhouse door was 50 years ago. Get over it.”

What truly puzzles me, however, is how anyone can describe places like Dothan, Alabama (population: 68,000), and New Orleans, Louisiana of all places as “small towns in the South.” Personally, I blame the copyeditor.

(H/T: Rod Dreher)


Dunn: Did the First Christians Worship Jesus?

New from one of my favorite New Testament scholars, and reviewed by James McGrath: Did the First Christians Worship Jesus?: The New Testament Evidence. McGrath concludes,

I hope it is clear from my summary that this book is full of rich and insightful content. Regular readers of Dunn’s books will expect nothing less, and will not be at all disappointed. Did the first Christians worship Jesus? asks an important question, and Dunn’s nuanced answers to this main question and key sub-questions make an important contribution to the ongoing scholarly conversation about monotheism, Christology and worship.