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Dr. Platypus Book Giveaway 2010

It’s time once again for my annual book giveaway. The rules are very simple: leave a comment telling me you want a free book. One week from today, August 28, I’ll randomly select a winner and contact you for your book choice and mailing information.

You can have your choice of any of the new releases listed on the left-hand side of Smyth & Helwys Publishing New Releases webpage—excluding volumes of the Smyth & Helwys Bible Commentary. Therefore, you may choose from among the following:

  • Sessions with John: The Vocabulary of Grace by Robert B. Setzer, Jr.
  • To Be a Good and Faithful Servant: The Life and Work of a Minister by Cecil Sherman.
  • The Enoch Factor: The Sacred Art of Knowing God by Steve McSwain.
  • The Black Church: Relevant or Irrelevant in the 21st Century? by Reginald F. Davis.
  • Transformational Leadership: Leading with Integrity by Charles B. Bugg.
  • This Is What a Preacher Looks Like: Sermons from Baptist Women in Ministry by Pamela R. Durso, ed.
  • Sessions with Samuel: Stories from the Edge by Tony W. Cartledge.
  • Hope for the Thinking Christian: Seeking a Path of Faith through Everyday Life by Stephen Reese.
  • Baptimergent: Baptist Stories from the Emergent Frontier by Zach Roberts, ed.
  • Telling the Story: The Gospel in a Technological Age by J. Stanley Hargraves.
  • Written on My Heart: Daily Devotions for Your Journey through the Bible by Ann H. Smith.
  • Regents 15: Making Sense of the Book of Revelation by Laurie Guy.
  • Hoping Liberia : Stories of Civil War from Africa’s First Republic by John Michael Helms.
  • Proverbs Annual Bible Study: Loving Wisely, Living Well by Alicia Davis
  • Faith Postures: Cultivating Christian Mindfulness by Holly Sprink.
  • Prophetic, Post-apostolic & Postmodern: An Oriental Approach to Three Bible Stories by Charles Whaley.
  • When Crisis Comes Home: Revised and Expanded by John Lepper.
  • Christian Civility in an Uncivil World by Mitch Carnell, ed.
  • The Disturbing Galilean: Essays About Jesus by Malcolm Tolbert.
  • Leaving Religion, Following Jesus by Ronnie McBrayer.

One of those books can be yours as my way of saying thanks for dropping by.



  1. Dana Smith says:

    Yes, I would like one. And I’d love to have it signed .


  2. Keith Gammons says:

    I want one!


  3. Darcy B says:

    I would love a free book—thanks for the chance to win one!


  4. Ava W. says:

    I would love one! Thank you for the opportunity 🙂


  5. Joe Allison says:

    All of these books look fascinating. Yes, I’d like to have one.


  6. susan says:

    I would love one signed! suelee1998 @gmail.com


  7. Marianna says:

    I’d love a free book – thanks so much for the chance!


  8. Tanya says:

    Thanks so much for the giveaway I would be thrilled to win any of the books and would love to be surprised 🙂


  9. Beverly Owens says:

    I would love to have a book – perhaps, Sessions with John: The Vocabulary of Grace by Robert B. Setzer, Jr.



  10. Ben Byerly says:

    What a generous guy!


  11. Sam Pimentel says:

    Sure, I’d take a free book!


  12. Jessica Hearne says:

    I love books, especially free ones!


  13. Ed Cline says:

    Hey, D! Always love new books, and another one signed by you would be great! ;^)


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