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Spong vs. Mohler? Not on This Computer Screen!

If there’s a video out there of some kind of Spong–Mohler debate, I’m not going to watch it. I can’t think of two individuals I would want to see and hear less of. If I were ever exposed to both of them at the same time, my head would explode from the sheer force of smug, self-assured hubris. One of them is a fundamentalist blowhard who insists that his interpretation of the Bible is the only one that is valid. The other turned a top-notch theological seminary into an indoctrination center.*

Neither of them speak for me. More to the point: neither of them speak for Christ.

* Obvious exceptions among current and recent doctoral students are duly noted.



  1. Darrell,

    Did you know that Mohler was in one of my classes at Southern when I was a teaching fellow at Southern? I a sense, I was one of his professors.

    Claude Mariottini


  2. Darrell Pursiful says:

    So was Molly Marshall, for whom Mohler (if I recall correctly) was once a Garrett fellow.


  3. Actually, Molly denies that rumor. But, yes, I think these are the two most extreme fools ever to masquerade as theologians.


  4. This has been a hard month for theologians. On 15 August, Canadian Baptist theologian Clark Pinnock died (he’d been suffering from Alzheimer’s) and this past Tues (24 August), evangelical UCC theologian Donald Bloesch died.


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