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The Ancient-Future Path

Chaplain Mike, who has taken up Michael Spencer’s mantle at Internet Monk, has a great post up today about misunderstandings of the Ancient-Future (some might say paleo-orthodox) approach to Christianity. He begins with some negatives:

  1. Ancient-Future is not about “older is better.”
  2. Ancient-Future is not about being “high church.”
  3. Ancient-Future is not about being liturgical vs. non-liturgical.
  4. Ancient-Future is not about using only traditional music or elements of worship.
  5. Ancient-Future is not about ceasing to be Protestant (or…whatever).

Then he affirms some positives:

  1. Ancient-Future is about embracing a theological perspective of “classic Christianity.”
  2. Ancient-Future is about maintaining a vital, organic, respectful connection to our Christian history and heritage.
  3. Ancient-Future is about restoring a robust doctrine and practice of the church and her authority in the life of the faithful.
  4. Ancient-Future is about practicing liturgical wisdom and integrity in our worship.

Chaplain Mike mentions the “Vincentian canon” along the way, which gives me a good enough excuse to add an icon of St. Vincent of Lérins to my sidebar.



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