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Bible Haikus

Continuing in the tradition of my Very Short Commentaries, I thought I’d write some haikus about the various books of the Bible. A haiku is a three-line poem with a structure of five, seven, then five syllables. Since the topic in my class today is the Petrine literature, I figured I’d start there.

1 Peter
You’re God’s people now,
though you’re exiles in this world.
Cry out for soul food!

2 Peter
Don’t get taken in:
Christ is coming in due time.
Until then, be good.

Contend for the faith!
Perverse teachers among you?
God’s judgment is sure.

Anybody else want to play? Either send me a link to your work or share it in the comments.

Update 1: Joseph Kelley has contributed haikus on the Pentateuch at his blog, כל־האדם.

Update 2: Weekend Fisher presents the Song of Solomon as a limerick, which seems strangely fitting.



  1. love it, i hope you do the whole Bible in haiku, that would be a very useful resource for those of us who have to do Bible overviews from time to time!


  2. […] Posted in Uncategorized by Joseph Kelly on September 24, 2010 Dr. Platypus had the rather clever idea of creating haikus for books of the Bible. It would be very neat if enough haikus were written to […]


  3. Joseph says:

    More people should join in on this fun!



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