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The Valley of Elah: A Playground for Storytellers

The story of David and Goliath is one of those tales we love to tell. It’s also a story we love to embellish in the telling, and often with a humorous slant.

Here’s the story in LEGO (H/T Know Thyself via James McGrath)

As a musical parody based on Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”:

Finally, just a fun piece of musical storytelling from the acapella group Take 6:

What is it about this familiar story that seems to inspire lighthearted re-interpretation? For one thing, we love to identify with the underdog and see a bully get what’s coming to him. The exaggerated details of Goliath and his armor and weaponry in 1 Samuel 17 probably add to the appeal. This is a real-live fairy tale—or perhaps a “Jack tale,” with little David playing the role of Jack, the Everyman, who somehow comes out ahead even when it looks for all the world like he’s outmatched in every way.

What do you think? What makes David and Goliath a good candidate for these kinds of re-tellings?



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