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New Saints, New Observances

I’ve updated my personal and completely unofficial sanctoral calendar so that it now includes at least one commemoration for every day of the year. I hope it represents a broad spectrum of Christian faithfulness, Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox. If you like, consider it an early All Saints Day present.

My main sources have been the calendar in the 1979 Book of Common Prayer (Episcopal), the 1868 Martyrologium of Wilhelm Löhe (Lutheran; PDF), and the Orthodox Calendar of Saints and Feasts. I also drew inspiration from Joshua Hearne’s blog Telling the Stories that Matter, especially for the modern period. (Although one of my new additions, William Augustus Bootle, is my own nominee. Judge Bootle was a longtime member of the First Baptist Church of Christ in Macon, Georgia and his Christian faith was central to the bold judicial stands he took throughout his career.)

If your particular family of faith seems to be under-represented, please help me correct the oversight by suggesting some names that should be added. Also, you’ll note that I don’t have biographical links for every name. I’d appreciate knowing of whatever good resource pages you can point me to.



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