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SBL 2010 Bibliobloggers Dinner

The 2010 Bibliobloggers Dinner was really just hanging around in a pub. It was a nice time, but I had to get back to Macon so I didn’t hang around long enough to eat. I was delighted to meet some of my blogging colleagues in person and thought I’d share some of my impressions.

John Hobbins. Man, that guy is tall! I’m tempted to say “מִשִּׁכְמ֣וֹ וָמַ֔עְלָה גָּבֹ֖הַּ מִכָּל־הָעָֽם,” but that might get me in trouble. He also seems to be a compassionate and competent pastor. Any time you can combine obvious intellectual gifts with a commitment to parish ministry you’ve got a winner in my book. Best wishes to his son Giovanni as he continues his college career at Emory.

Daniel and Tonya. At an event like SBL, it’s refreshing to meet folks who don’t project the attitude of thinking they’re the most important people in the room. Daniel and Tonya seemed so genuinely happy to be there and appreciative of the work of their fellow bloggers that they made the rest of us (or at least me) fell like we were the “important people” in the room. What a gracious couple!

Joel Watts. I introduced myself to Joel and he tried to figure out whether I was somebody he knew. “I know I’ve heard that name before,” etc. Then I told him my blog’s name and immediately the light went on! It’s funny how we get branded—or brand ourselves—in cyberspace.

Keith Reich. I was unfamiliar with Keith’s blog, but he’s at Baylor and Alan Culpepper had a hand in his dissertation so he can’t be all bad. Keith is a relative newcomer to the biblioblogosphere, and I hope he sticks around.

Bill Heroman. I guess I just assumed “Heroman” was some kind of nickname, like a generic costumed crime-fighter or something. Turns out I was pronouncing it wrong. 🙂 I like that Bill introduced himself to me as “the math teacher.” I’m also impressed that a high school math teacher would care enough about biblical knowledge to attend an SBL meeting.

Claude Mariottini. I ran into Claude a couple of times in passing this weekend, once as I was entering Gibney’s and he was leaving. Both of us had other obligations last night but wanted to at least drop by. Claude is personable, approachable, and gentlemanly. His smile is contagious.

I was also pleased to meet Bob Cargill, Jeremy Thompson, and several others at the “dinner,” and to see Ken Schenck in action presiding at a session on Hebrews, περὶ ὧν οὐκ ἔστιν νῦν λέγειν κατὰ μέρος. All in all, this was one of the highlights of my weekend, and I wish I had been able to stay longer.

Oh, and special mention should be made of the guy playing pool and watching the football game. He was a hoot! (And I’m glad his team was winning.)

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  1. thanks for those, some interesting new-to-me blogs there.


  2. Darrell,

    Thanks for the kind words. It was our pleasure meeting you.



  3. Bill says:

    It’s amazing how D&T can speak in unison like that, and harmonize too!

    It was great finally (if briefly) meeting you too, Darrell. Yes, I have a lot of fun with the name thing. I say, “My daddy says ‘hair’.” Anyway, thanks for the kind words indeed.

    Keep on blogging!


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