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SBL 2010 Random Observations

I may say more about some of the sessions I attended later, but for now I’ll just share some general impressions.

  • It was gratifying that every paper I heard on Hebrews that touched on my own research would have served to strengthen, not challenge, my basic conclusions. Then again, maybe that means my basic conclusions were so obvious there was really no point in drawing them!
  • The more I hear of the “classical” or “Erasmian” pronunciation of ancient Greek the more barbaric I think it sounds. I repent of ever having inflicted it upon my students.
  • I’m glad to have run into former classmates and teachers like Wayne Ballard (Carson-Newman), Jack Painter (Redding) and Joel Drinkard (SBTS, retired).
  • As usual, the exhibit hall(s) was a wonder to behold. So many books! So many people! So many bite-size candy bars, mints, and Hershey kisses!
  • Whenever I go to SBL I always wish I could take a couple years to get read up on all the interesting topics that tangentially relate to my primary areas of interest. This year I’m yearning to know more about Merkabah mysticism, the Didache, and the Two Ways tradition in early Judaism and Christianity.


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