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The (Modern) Greek Word for “Blog”

… is ιστολόγιο/istologio, as Jim Davila has recently discovered. ιστός/istos is the modern Greek word for “web” and λόγιο/logio is etymologically related to the English word “log.” An ιστολόγιο is thus simply a “web log.” Theoretically, the classical or Koine Greek form would be ὑφαιλόγιον/hyphailogion (from ὑφαί “web”) or perhaps ἀρκυλόγιον/arkylogion (from ἀρκύς “net”).


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  1. […] notes the modern Greek term for blog: ιστολόγιο. Darrell Pursifel (Dr. Platypus) speculates on the classical or Koine Greek term: “ὑφαιλόγιον/hyphailogion (from ὑφαί “web”) or perhaps […]


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