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Random Monday Links

Here is a little bit of linky goodness to start your day:

Was Joseph Really Suspicious of Mary’s Pregnancy? Michael Barber discusses an alternative patristic interpretation of Matthew 1.

St. Nicholas Day reflections from Mike Aquilina and Joshua Hearne, which extol the virtues of both financial and ecumenical generosity.

The Disney-ization of Faith by Chaplain Mike:

Disney does not fool me into thinking what they do is great art containing profound insights into life and the human experience. I accept and enjoy them for what they are, no more. Their artists and animators are first class and what they do, they do well. But whether you are talking about their films, their theme parks, or their pervasive merchandise, the bottom line is that Disney is an animation corporation. They take stories that are classic because of their universal themes and dumb them down so that the kids can enjoy them with mom and dad….

Unfortunately, many American Christian leaders seem to think the Disney way is the way forward for the church. I could write a long book about all the examples of this across our land, from the many ways we market Jesus in books, music, and media, to the kistchy excess of  the televangelists and the corporate “excellence” of the megachurches, to iconic monuments like the Crystal Cathedral. So much of it represents the “Magic Kingdom” mentality.

(It’s a great post, although the correct term is “Disneyfication.”)

Defending the Old Testament. This is the first installment of Scot McKnight’s review of Paul Copan’s Is God a Moral Monster?: Making Sense of the Old Testament God.



  1. mike says:

    Thanks, Darrell. Ecumenically generous of you!


  2. Darrell Pursiful says:

    You’re quite welcome, Mike. In honor of the day, how ’bout we refrain from punching each other out?


  3. Joshua says:

    Thanks for the link and thanks even more for the great reading material you’ve offered. I definitely want to read the Copan book…


  4. mike says:

    OK, but just for today. I’m holding my hands behind my back as I type this with my nose. Good thing my beak is aquiline.


  5. mike says:

    And not platypusian.


  6. Darrell Pursiful says:

    “Ornithorhynchid” just doesn’t roll off the tongue like “aquiline,” does it?


  7. mike says:

    Nor does it dance across the keyboard.


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