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James McGrath’s Polyglot Meme

I’m not sure if this will be enlightening or apropos of anything, but being a language junkie I figured I’d participate. Here is how James describes the rules:

And so I’ve decided to start a meme, asking those tagged to list every language that they have made some sort of concerted effort to learn, even if they didn’t get beyond the first lesson or so, or even if they are still learning it. No need to specify the degree of fluency in the blog post – if readers are curious how much Swahili you know, they can ask.

These rules cast a mighty wide net. Please keep this in mind as you consider my list:

  1. Afrikaans
  2. American Sign Language
  3. Arabic
  4. Aramaic/Syriac
  5. Breton
  6. Chinese
  7. Dutch
  8. Egyptian/Coptic
  9. English (Old, Modern)
  10. French
  11. Gaelic
  12. Georgian
  13. German
  14. Greek (Classical, Koine, Byzantine, Modern)
  15. Hebrew (Biblical, Modern)
  16. Hindi/Urdu
  17. Hittite
  18. Hurrian
  19. Italian
  20. Indonesian
  21. Japanese
  22. Latin
  23. Luwian
  24. Portuguese
  25. Proto-Indo-European
  26. Russian
  27. Spanish
  28. tlhIngan Hol
  29. Welsh
  30. Westcountry Brythonic (aka Old Devonian, Southwest Brythonic)
  31. Yoruba

I hereby tag: Anybody who wants to play and hasn’t otherwise gotten an invitation.


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