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Armageddon and Near Eastern Chronology

A new archeological project is attempting to synchronize ancient chronology by relying on the twenty-nine destruction layers at Megiddo, which span the entire history of the region from 3000 to 300 BC.

Megiddo is the only place in the world with so many destruction layers — archaeological strata resulting from a calamity such as a fire, earthquake or conquest — that resulted from a specific event in history.

[Archeologist Israel] Finkelstein told AOL News that the site provides “a very dense, accurate and reliable ladder for the dating of the different monuments and the layers.”

“These destruction layers can serve as anchors for the entire system of dating,” Finkelstein said. “Megiddo is the only site which has 10 layers with radiocarbon results for the period 1300 to 800 B.C.E.”

Scientists hope that by analyzing the archaeological strata they can nail each layer to a specific year or decade, using the physical data from Megiddo to set the clocks of history and create a definitive timeline that can be used as a basis for accurately dating all archaeological sites.

The project will take samples from Megiddo and other sites where dates are fairly certain and subject them to a battery of four different scientific tests: 14C, archeo-magnetism, optical luminescence, and rehydroxilation.



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