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If I Ever Got a Tattoo, It Would Be a Coptic Wrist Cross

Touching story about the Coptic community of Frankfort, Germany…and Egypt (H/T Pseudo-Polymath):

“Blue bone, we’re not playing with you!” – this is an insult that many Coptic children have to get used to at an early age. For “blue bone“ is a term of abuse used in Egypt against Coptic Christians and refers to the bruises so many bore on their bodies in the course of history. “Even the little children among us have to learn to live with the Cross.”

About those wrist tattoos see here, here, and here. And no, I doubt I’d ever get one. Being a Christian in America is far too easy. A non-Copt wearing one here would belittle the faith of those who do so despite the physical danger it could bring.



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  1. I work with a Coptic organization that operates throughout Egypt, primarily through church-based volunteers who visit the homes of the fatherless and widow in their areas, and connect them to various resources to break the cycle of poverty.

    I do so as a non-Egyptian because I want to strengthen the Body of Christ in Egypt, so that the local church is best able to “persevere in faith and witness to non-violence that comes from the Gospel” (as Pope Benedict said) and continue to be salt and light in Egyptian society.

    Coptic Orphans is available to speak in churches about the situation in Egypt. I personally have chosen to sponsor a child in Egypt as a way to encourage and support the Egyptian Body of Christ through an individual family.


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