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Speaking of Birth, Death, and Liminality

I’m pondering this bit of wisdom from Jeanie Miley:

That connection between what Ernest Becker has written in his classic The Denial of Death and the fear of life now startles me and always makes me go back and chew some more on the wisdom of a hospice nurse who said, “People often die like they’ve lived.”

So, I asked her, “If people are fighters now, will they be fighters at death,” and she smiled and said, “Pretty much.”

“What about people who are more serene and accepting of the moment, living in the now, able to bend and flex with the winds of change?” I asked her, and she just smiled.  Death, she told me is as much a mystery as birth, and I’ve begun to wonder if death isn’t another kind of birth into the next realm, whatever it might be.



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