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Can’t Get Sakartvelo Off My Mind

The February/March 2011 Visions, the newsletter of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Georgia, is now out. It includes a brief article I wrote about the Evangelical Baptist Church of Georgia, which begins as follows:

Imagine a denomination that upholds traditional Baptist hallmarks like believers baptism and local-church autonomy. Doesn’t that describe pretty much every Baptist church you’ve ever known?

Well then, imagine that this body actively cooperates with other Baptist groups around the world, ministers to the poor, welcomes foreign refugees, and ordains Spirit-gifted women to the gospel ministry. CBF/GA strives to embody these values. We know, however, that not every member of the Baptist family is quite so enthusiastic about them.

Let’s go one step further. Imagine that this fellowship of Baptist churches has drunk deeply from the spiritual wisdom of the early church. Imagine it therefore emphasizes liturgy, icons, and the Eucharist. Imagine that its leader is a bearded archbishop in Orthodox-style clerical robes. One might wonder if Baptists like that exist at all. But they do! You’ll find them in the Republic of Georgia, a small country bounded by Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Turkey.

If you’d like to read more, you can download the entire issue in PDF form.



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