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Of Preschoolers and Theology

Why is it that the more trivial something is, the easier it is to explain?

Should we be concerned when we can’t put the things that matter most in language a preschooler could understand? Or are some things simply unexplainable until we reach a certain level of cognitive development (which isn’t anything like reaching a certain level of educational achievement)?





  1. Kelley Land says:

    Thanks for reading, Darrell! And for your thoughts. It’s amazing how much anguish these kinds of situations give me. After all, I was four once, and my parents had to answer my questions. I’m sure they felt just as uninformed as I do now, but they certainly didn’t ruin me for life! If anything, they instilled in me the urge to explore beyond the surface level, to search for greater meaning, and even to doubt. I think these skills have helped me rather than harmed me. Maybe I can do the same for my daughters….


  2. Darrell Pursiful says:

    Kelley, I don’t think your daughters have anything to worry about! 🙂


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