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Coverage of the Media’s Coverage of Those Fake Lead Codices

GetReligion has picked up the story of those fake lead “Jesus tablets” or whatever you want to call them. In particular, Mollie discusses how the media handled the issue. Larry Hurtado and April DeConick are mentioned, and the contributions of other unnamed academic bloggers get a nod. The post ends,

There are so many lessons here. The mainstream media need to do a much better job of checking in on academic blogs and other social media tools that are readily at their disposal. They need to be more skeptical, in general, and specifically when dealing with obvious problems. Antiquities fraud is a serious issue and the model of hyping a discovery in the press is a common route for less-than-savory characters involved in the trade. It’s understandable that a reporter and editors can be had, but when they discover they’ve been had, they need to correct quickly.

And maybe we can have a moratorium on “crazy new discovery about Jesus” stories that happen to run within a few weeks of Easter each year.



  1. mike says:

    I think the whole idea of lead codpieces is rather strange.


  2. Muzaffar says:

    I’m neither standing with the Elkingtons, nor with any Consensus or pressure group. I just want to make my point that texts has been written on lead before and after first century AD. One can’t change this fact even if he or she doesn’t have much confidence in my academic credentials.
    For details of other Leaden Books please consult:
    1. An Inquiry into the Nature and form of the books of the ancients… 1873 London Pp 28-35
    2. Septuaginta-Studien. II. 1904 Pp.14-17
    3. The Gnostics and their Remains. London Pp.147-153
    4. Une Excursion Gnostique en Italie.Paris 1852. Plate I tillplate.xii
    5. The Septuagent in context. Brill 2000. Pp.267-268
    6. Ancient Jewish Magic. Pp.114 and 144-146 etc.
    7. Curse Tablets and binding spells from the ancient world.Oxford. 1992

    And what about Job 19:24.


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