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“Coming Out” as Christian

Here’s a thought worth pondering:

“It’s often harder for young people to come out as Christians than it would be for them to come out as gay,” she says. “Because of the vocal atheists – Dawkins and so on – people think your judgement is impaired if you say you’re Christian at work. The problem of serving two masters is at the heart of it. There’s a worry that Christians are up to something, that they’re loyal to something other than the firm.”

Two questions:

(1) For those who would know, is this a fair representation of what it’s like these days in London?

(2) When unbelievers figure out Christians should be “loyal to something other than the firm,” isn’t it perhaps time for Christians to follow suit?



  1. KS in MA says:

    (1) I can’t speak for London, but in the U.S., I’m really fond of something St. Francis is supposed to have said: “Preach the gospel. Use words if necessary.” I wouldn’t dream of discussing my religion, in words, with my coworkers, unless I’m asked a direct question. This may be less theology than a New England notion of good manners– but really, isn’t it better to preach the gospel with deeds rather tha words? Especially in a pluralistic society?

    (2) Yes.


  2. Darrell Pursiful says:

    Thanks, KS, and welcome. I don’t think the original article is talking so much about “discussing religion” or even “preaching” as simply publicly identifying oneself as a believer at all. This comment from the article sums up the problem: “[I]f my boss thought I was relying on prayer to get me through the day, he’d look down on me. It would make me seem irrational. I tell him I’m going to physio when I go to church.”

    I agree with you about St. Francis and actions speaking louder than words. I just wonder about a society where people fear making even offhanded remarks about prayer, going to church, etc., without fearing negative repercussions. That’s why I’m interested in whether this is an accurate portrayal of the situation or merely anecdotal “evidence” from a few hypersensitive types.

    Of course, here in the South, “Where do you go to church?” is a perfectly acceptable conversation starter, so your cultural mileage may vary. 🙂


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