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The Rapture Needs to Get Left Behind

Chaplain Mike at Internet Monk gives a succinct, almost pastoral explanation of why he no longer holds to the eschatological doctrines he was taught in his youth. It’s a good piece well worth reading. Here’s a taste:

Before I ever began to grasp specific exegetical and theological problems with the dispensational system, I felt uncomfortable with the whole approach. The theological charts and outlines and lists of proof texts bore no resemblance to the form of the text I saw when I opened my Bible. I read stories and poetry as well as prophetic passages that spoke in eloquent imagery and with dramatic symbolism that engaged my imagination as well as my mind. However, I could not detect the same kind of beauty or wonder in the prosaic, mechanical system of theology my professors droned on about. All the magnificent animated three dimensional literature of the Scriptures became flattened, reduced to a blueprint or series of mathematical formulae.



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