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Who Killed Goliath?

Elhanan, of course, as Claude Mariottini explains.


  1. I see you had some doubts as to how Claude got there, too. I guess that the need for harmonization is strong with some interpreters.


  2. Jennifer says:

    It is very clear in the King James Bible that Elhanan killed the brother of Goliath.
    2 Samuel 22: 19

    Beware, as anyone who adds too or takes away from the word of God will have hell to pay! For anyone truely seeking the Lord; read your Bible and the Holy Spirit will direct you. Don’t be deceived and tricked into believing these schemes of contridiction in the word of God. Right now is crucial as the rapture is near.


  3. Darrell Pursiful says:


    The King James Version of the Bible is a product of human ingenuity just like any other translation. There is no Bible in existence where translators have had to make educated guesses about how best to read the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek.

    Dr. Mariottini, for whom I have the greatest respect, has just as much a right to consider alternate explanations for the data present in the Hebrew text as anyone else, and I have every confidence that God and God’s Word will be able to stand up to an honest evaluation of what is or is not actually present in that text.


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