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I Am a Descendant of King David—and So Are You

Jim Davila notes a Jerusalem Post article about descendants of the House of David

Are you a descendant of the House of David? If you have ever wondered if blue blood flows through your veins, you might consider visiting the King David Private Museum and Research Center, which reopened on Monday in its new location in central Tel Aviv.

Better yet, run your name through the museum’s online database that curators vow will accurately tell you whether you are related to the monarch from the 10th century BCE (www.Davidicdynasty.org).

It is quite likely on statistical grounds that everyone alive today of Western European descent is a descendant of Charlemagne. Similarly, if King David existed in history at all, then it is virtually a mathematical certainty that everyone alive today is one of his descendants. The trick, of course, is having the documentation to prove it. Whatever you do, don’t tell Dan Brown!



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