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Earliest Manuscript of Romans?

John Byron reports on a newly discovered fragment of Romans (chs. 9–10, to be precise), which has only come to light in the last 48 hours.

CNN is reporting that a recently unknown fragment of Romans 9-10 has been discovered in the last few days. Steve Green is the president of Hobby Lobby stores in the USA and has collected more than 40,000 artifacts and manuscripts related to the Bible. He has been working on the collection with  Baylor University and is getting ready to put his display on the road.

In the below video, Green shows a papyrus fragment of Romans 9-10 that he says was only discovered in the last 48 hours among the acquisitions by Scott Caroll who oversees the collection for Green at Baylor. It will be interesting to see what other materials Green has managed to purchase and what they might helps us learn about the textual history of the Bible. If you are interested in the exhibition and Greens collection you can read more at explorepassages.com.

Way to go, Baylor! And Hobby Lobby!



  1. rey says:

    Curious that its only of Romans 9-10. Must be from before Romans 9-10 was added to Romans by some jackass liar.


  2. How cool is that! I knew Hobby Lobby was run by Christians — you can tell it in their stores pretty easily — but I didn’t know he was into the scholarship and philanthropy scene. Bonus rounds!


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