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This is What a Teacher Looks Like

I love this gem from Scot McKnight:

A teacher is knowledgeable about Bible and theology, life and spiritual formation, self and local context.

A teacher is skilled in the tools needed for Bible and theology, including the languages and the literature.

A teacher is more concerned about having something to say than the prestige of being on the platform.

A teacher is not on the stage to impress people with what he or she knows but to educate the church in gospel ways.

A teacher is a good communicator.

A teacher mixes information and edification, neither resorting to the lecture hall or mere story telling.

A teacher loves to study, and that means time alone to ponder and pray.

A teacher has the capacity for clarity: taking big ideas, complex thoughts, and clarifying their significance for the church.

A teacher is patient enough to listen to new ideas in order to evaluate them with insight.

A teacher is open-minded enough to shift when the evidence suggests so.

A teacher has the courage to teach what is there and not what folks want to hear.

A teacher lets texts and evidence determine what is true instead of letting someone’s authority or a sacred tradition determine what is true.



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