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Keep Christianity Weird

Patrick Mitchell lays out a case for why we need a “weird” Christianity to protect it from any form of cultural captivity.

It’s no coincidence that both Barth and Schweitzer spent much time considering Jesus. The Jesus of the Gospels just isn’t dull, predictable, undemanding, easily accommodated into our lives and having little to say about the broken world in which we live.

Once we lose touch with the weirdness of Christian faith, it is inevitable that we end up with a form of Christianity that is virtually indistinguishable from the wider culture.

So what are some signs that we have lost touch with the strange Otherness of Christianity?

Here are some suggestions in no particular order – feel welcome to add your own:

Perhaps something for my Sunday school class to ponder as we continue to study the Sermon on the Mount. Definitely something I hope my CHR 150 students wrestle with throughout the semester.



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