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Who This Party Is For

Apt words from Ronnie McBrayer:

When I read [spelunker Floyd] Collin’s story I couldn’t help but think of the resurrection. This week the annual party begins once again. Many of us will dust off our Easter best, and dressed to the nines, we will go out to watch the show on the cathedral stage. It will be the best music of the year. The preacher and other performers will have worked very hard on their soliloquies, memorizing their lines. There will be pageantry, ceremony, and spectacle; even a few medicine men capitalizing on the situation I suppose.

We will enjoy ourselves. We will be entertained, maybe even moved. We will quickly follow the show with a good meal, a few mimosas or sweet wine, and then watch the kids find some eggs out in the back yard. And come Monday, we will return to our routines, largely forgetting the One for whom this party is celebrated. As Christians we do not believe that our Lord is trapped in a hole in the ground. We believe that Jesus was crucified, dead, and buried; but on the third day he rose again. And we believe his resurrection is the deposit paid on our own rebirth. Because he lives, we who are in Christ, will live as well.


GetReligion: The War on Epiphany

Those of you who “missed” the “War on Christmas” this year might enjoy Mollie’s piece at GetReligion. Seems there’s another Christian holiday that is under threat of secularization this year (although here in central Georgia, I hadn’t noticed….)