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My Plans for Thursday

McAfee Symposium on the Johannine Epistles
The 2010 Peter Rhea and Ellen Jones Lectures in New Testament
James and Carolyn McAfee School of Theology – Mercer University
Atlanta, Georgia

Morning Program: The Relationship between the Gospel and the Epistles

Lecture by Urban C. von Wahlde: “The Brown Hypothesis Twenty-Eight Years On: Some Agreements and Disagreements”

Short Papers:

  • Paul N. Anderson: “The Community that Raymond Brown Left Behind – Reflections on the Johannine Dialectical Situation”
  • Gary M. Burge: “Spirit-Inspired Theology and Ecclesial Correction: Charting One Shift in the Development of Johannine Ecclesiology and Pneumatology”
  • R. Alan Culpepper: “The Relationship between the Gospel and the Epistles of John”

Afternoon Program: The Church in the Johannine Epistles

Lecture by Judith Lieu: “The Audience of the Johannine Epistles”

Short Papers:

  • Peter Rhea Jones: “The Ecclesial Role of ὁ πρεσβύτερος”
  • Craig R. Koester: “The Antichrist Theme in the Johannine Epistles and Its Role in Christian Tradition”
  • Gail R. O’Day: “The Failure of Friendship? The Practice of Love in the Johannine Epistles”

Evening Program

Lecture by Jan van der Watt: “A New Covenant, a New Ethic”

I regret I’ll be missing the Wednesday and Friday portions of the event, especially the two lectures by D. Moody Smith, but it looks like an excellent program. If you’re in the neighborhood, come by and let me sell you a commentary!