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Martin Hengel, Part Four

Once again, courtesy of Ben Witherington.

Martin Hengel, Part Three

Ben Witherington has posted another video in which Martin Hengel discusses Jesus, history, and the Gospels.

Martin Hengel, Part Two

More from Hengel on history and the four Gospels, courtesy of Ben Witherington.

Hengel on History in the Four Gospels

Martin Hengel was always (and remains) one of my favorites. Thanks to Ben Witherington for sharing this video where he discusses the historicity of the Gospels.

New Blog on Historical Jesus Research

According to the tag line, The Jesus Blog is “a weblog dedicated to historical Jesus research brought to you by a hillbilly and a treehugger.” Sounds like my kind of place!

Bart Ehrman Q&A

Ben Witherington has begun a multi-part interview with Bart Ehrman about his book, Did Jesus Exist? (HarperOne, 2012). Should be interesting.

Reading the Gospels both Critically and Evangelically

Michael Bird:

I have to say that there are two approaches to the Gospels which I ardently despise. First, some über-secularists want to read the Bible as nothing more than a deposit of silly ancient magic, mischievous myths, whacky rituals, and surreal superstitions. They engage in endless comparisons of the Bible with other mythic religions to flatten out the distinctive elements of the story. Added to that is advocacy of countless conspiracy theories to explain away any historical elements in the text. This approach is coupled with an inherent distaste for anything supernatural, pre-modern, and wreaking of religion. Such skeptics become positively evangelical in their zealous fervor to prove that nothing in the Bible actually happened. Second, then there are those equally ardent Bible-believers who want to treat the Bible as if it fell down from heaven in 1611, written in ye auld English, bound in pristine leather, words of Jesus in red, complete with Scofield footnotes, and charts about the end-times. Such persons regard exploring topics like Johannine chronology just as religiously affronting as worshipping a life size golden statue of Barack Obama.  Now I have to say that both approaches bore the proverbial pants off me. They are equally dogmatic as they are dull. They are uninformed as they are unimaginative. There is another way!