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December 2018 Biblical Studies Carnival

Sorry I’m a little late with this one. Please go visit Christopher L. Scott’s eponymous blog for this month’s offerings.


September 2018 Biblical Studies Carnival

This month’s carnival is hosted by some guy named West.

August 2018 Biblical Studies Carnival

The Monday Morning Theologian has the honors this month. Enjoy!

June Biblical Studies Carnival

Have I really missed posting that many? Sorry about that. Here’s the June Carnival, hosted by Reading Acts.

February 2018 Biblical Studies Carnival

Jacob J. Prahlow hosts this month’s Biblical Studies Carnival at his Pursuing Veritas blog. Enjoy!

Taking Notes from Reading

Here’s an honest question to which I’d love to receive dozens of honest answers:

(1) If you are a college professor: Do you require your students to use a particular note-taking method, and if so, which one? What is your rationale for this decision?

(2) If you are a college student: Does your institution—or do your professors—require you to use a particular note-taking method, and if so, which one?


Happy Feast Day of St. Nicholas!

Try not to slug any heretics (if you can avoid it)!