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Hengel: Christology and New Testament Chronology

Tim Henderson has posted his summary of the next essay from Martin Hengel’s Between Jesus and Paul: “Christology and New Testament Chronology.”

Hengel: Between Jesus and Paul

Tim Henderson has begun a review of the six essays included in Martin Hengel’s, Between Jesus and Paul. Hurray! The first is “Between Jesus and Paul: The ‘Hellenists’, the ‘Seven’ and Stephen (Acts 6.1-15; 7.54-8.3),” from which the volume gets its name. I’ll gather links to all of Tim’s summaries here for ease of reference.

  1. “Between Jesus and Paul: The ‘Hellenists’, the ‘Seven’ and Stephen (Acts 6.1-15; 7.54-8.3)”
  2. “Christology and New Testament Chronology”
  3. “Origins of the Christian Mission”
  4. “‘Christos’ in Paul”
  5. “Hymns and Christology”
  6. “Luke the Historian”