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Read Big. Read Real. Read Together

Wisdom from Pete Enns about how to address the decline of Bible-reading in churches. He doesn’t go into specifics, but he does set out the three main reasons behind this decline (as described by the folks at Biblica) and condenses these into a broad trajectory of action.

Bible reading is down because people read it

  1. in fragments,
  2. a-historically,
  3. in isolation.

In fragments, meaning in the verse level rather than in large sections. A focus on verses not only encourages prooftexting but  prevents readers from seeing the larger points of biblical works–whether we are talking about a letter like Romans, or large narratives such as we find in the Old Testament…

A-historically, meaning without a feel for the historical context of the texts being read…

In isolationmeaning individual “devotions” rather than in groups. The idea here–completely correct, if you ask me–is that reading Scripture is mean to be a community task for mutual enlightenment and encouragement.

Sound advice.



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