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Building Your World through Multiple Texts

Lisa Walker England has put her finger on something that I have been groping toward for a couple of years now. There are just too many details of a well fleshed-out world to ever fit comfortably in any number of novels. In her recent post at Mythic Scribes,  Lisa challenges us to think in terms of other sorts of texts that might be useful in conveying that information. Namely, she suggests

  1. Bestiary
  2. Fable Collection
  3. Comic Book
  4. Letters
  5. Fight or Magic Manual

I’ve worked out some of the basics of a bestiary for my Into the Wonder series as well as a fairly extensive essay on magic. Those who’ve read Children of Pride know that I’ve also written a handful of indigenous fables. (The idea of the kinds of stories faeries might tell their young children captured my attention at some point in the writing process.)

I was surprised History wasn’t one of Lisa’s suggestions, but perhaps that is such a common companion piece that it didn’t really bear mentioning. She also mentioned in passing the idea of a Law Code. In fact, the laws of the fae are an important plot point in my work-in-progress sequel, The Devil’s Due.

Good stuff all around. It’s a blog post well worth reading!



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