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The Original Grimms’ Fairy Tales Were Not Rated G!

An English translation of Grimms’ Fairy Tales, 1812 first edition, has recently been published. I wouldn’t recommend it for young children:

The first edition of the Brothers Grimms’ tales, in 1812, featured such stories as “How the Children Played at Slaughtering.” Over the next 50 years, each new printing was edited to make it more child-friendly and include more Christian references. But now, the first edition has finally been translated into English.

“The original edition was not published for children or general readers,” Jack Zipes, professor emeritus of German and comparative literature at the University of Minnesota, tells the Guardian. “It was only after the Grimms published two editions primarily for adults that they changed their attitude and decided to produce a shorter edition for middle-class families. This led to [the] editing and censoring many of the tales.”



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