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What’s Going On?

Before the Christmas season completely overwhelms me, here are a few random notices about things going on in the world of Taylor Smart.

  • The Devil’s Due, book two of the Into the Wonder series, is on schedule for release early next year. Certainly by February 2 (Taylor’s birthday), but earlier if possible. In this book, we’ll learn a little bit more about Taylor’s (biological) family as she and her best friend Jill go on the worst road trip ever.
  • I’ve knocked out a short story revealing a little bit of the background of everybody’s favorite pooka, Danny Underhill.  I’m sure it will see the light of day at some point, in some form. Stay tuned.
  • It’s not too late to get book one, Children of Pride, or to leave a (glowing, gushing, effusive, etc.) review at Amazon.com.
  • I have not neglected those who have asked for an Into the Wonder Facebook page. Well, actually, I have—but only until I can decide what I’d want to do with it. What would you like to see on an Into the Wonder Facebook page?
  • I always have time to answer fan questions. Dana’s recent question about sídhe politics got a timely answer; your questions will, too!
  • Work on the third book, with the working title Oak, Ash, and Thorn, is well underway. This one will have a somewhat different format from the first two, with the plot unfolding over a number of months instead of just a few days.
  • Thanks to those who’ve found Children of Pride an enjoyable ride. More is on its way!


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