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A History of the Fae

Leo Elijah Cristea has posted the final installment of his series on the fae. (Links to all four parts here.) This has been a very informative series looking at the legends and myths surrounding the Fair Folk, and I heartily commend it.

In this final part of our exploration of the fae, it seems appropriate to take a look at not only the varied and expansive wealth of literature and that features fae, or any recognisable incarnation of them, but also a more comprehensive look at their time line. We’ve briefly explored the evolution of the fae, from Irish folklore, through to Shakespeare’s romantic depictions, and to their modern day Disney or urban fantasy cousins, but the long and fluid history of the fae makes it difficult to succinctly follow. As such, if we head as far back as a pre-Christian time, indeed touching on the relevance of Pagan faeries and early Greco-Roman fae we start to see that two things are true:

You’ll just have to click through to see what those two things are. 🙂



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