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Uncanny Georgia: The Allatoona Toe Nibbler

The Toe Nibbler's Next Victim?

The Toe Nibbler’s Next Victim?

Seriously, how can I not include a cryptid with a name like “the Allatoona Toe Nibbler”? Especially since it is popular enough to have an entire blog dedicated to it?

Lake Allatoona is a man-made reservoir lake northwest of Atlanta. It is also, if reports are to be believed, home to some sort of unknown aquatic creature. Reports of the Toe Nibbler began in the 1950s. Even in recent years, boaters and swimmers have reported occasional nipping of the fingers and toes that could not, they say, be attributed to ordinary and harmless fish. Some say they have seen the creature. According to the aforementioned blog,

Those that have seen the Toe Nibbler describe it as being smaller than a human (accounts range from three to four foot in length.) Most often it is said to be dark green, brown, or black in color and has been seen sliding along under the surface of the water. It seems to enjoy shaded areas of the lakes and is seen most often up in small, but deep, coves along the shoreline.

The few accounts of up-close confrontations with the creature agree that it has small, black beady eyes and one eye witness stated that they saw a three toed webbed hand or foot extend out of the water.

So, what is this odd creature? Is it a pygmy cousin to more famous lake-dwelling monsters like the Loch Ness Monster or Lake Champlain’s “Champ”? A joke or a hoax? A known aquatic animal misidentified by swimmers with overactive imaginations?

It beats me, but you’ve sure got to love the name of this thing. 🙂


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