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Uncanny Georgia: The Ghosts of Fayetteville

Ghost_Stories_October_1931I’m not a big fan of ghost stories, but I thought I’d include at least one on my tour of “uncanny Georgia.” This one has to do with the Woolsey Road Bridge in Fayetteville, which is just south of Atlanta. According to StrangeUSA.com,

In the early 1920’s the sheriff of Woolsey, use to kill black people and he would dump there bodies into the swamp by his house. It is said if you park by the bridge and walk to the edge of the swamp that you can see the ghost of the people that were killed carrying lanterns through the swamp.

Like many ghost stories, this one involves the spirits of murder victims continuing to haunt the place where they were killed and/or buried. As brief as it is, I think this story intrigues me because there is more than one type of “ghost” to contend with: there are the ghosts of those who were murdered and there are also the “ghosts of the past”—the history of hatred and racially-motivated violence—that the story forces hearers to deal with.


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