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Uncanny Georgia: The Water Master

Underwater_pantherThe Creek peoples speak of a creature called the Water Master or ue pucase (roughly prounounced oy poo-chah-see).

There is a bit of a debate, though, about what sort of creature this is. Some say ue pucase is just another term for the tie snake. Others, apparently among the eastern Creeks, say it is an aquatic feline creature, perhaps similar to the underwater panther of Algonquian lore.

Water Masters are cunning and deceitful creatures. According to one Hitchiti legend,

[T]he Water Master never tells the truth. The Water Master only tells half the truth and if the Water Master tells you the whole truth there is always a catch. (Bill Grantham, Creation Myths and Legends of the Creek Indians [University Press of Florida, 2002] 273)




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