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Two Flavors of Vermont Faeries

New England Folklore has a post up about two faery-type entities from the Abenaki folklore of Vermont:

One of them is called simply “the swamp spirit” or “swamp creature.” The swamp spirit was seldom seen, but could often be heard crying from the swampy areas where it lived. Lone travelers were the most likely to hear the creature’s cries…. [I]t liked to lure children into swamps where it either kept them forever or just outright killed them.

The Manogemassak [or “little people”] live in rivers and tend to avoid humans as much as possible. This is easy for them to do because of their unique anatomy. The Manogemassak are incredibly narrow, and their faces are described as being as thin as an axe blade. They are so thin that they can only be viewed in profile, not when faced head on. This makes it quite hard for humans to see them.

Of course, both now and in times past, the Abenaki are not limited to the borders of Vermont, but if you’re ever in the Green Mountain State, you might want to think twice about hiking in the swamp.


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