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Fell Beasts and Fair

Fell Beasts and Fair is an anthology of noblebright fantasy short stories now available for pre-order. I’m honored to have been chosen as a contributor. My story, “The Pooka’s Day,” describes how Danny and Claudia first met. You don’t need to know anything about Into the Wonder to follow the plot, however.

You can check out the official announcement on the Spring Song Press website. Here’s the blurb:

In this exciting collection of noblebright fantasy, fresh new fantasy voices and award-winning authors explore grief and hope, sacrifice and heroism. Rediscover the best aspect of classic fantasy – the noblebright ideals that made heroes heroic, even when the world grew dark around them.

Thieves, dragons, nightmares, fairy warriors, pookas, enchanted bear-men, and other magical creatures will delight you in these unique tales of possibility, courage, and hope.

This anthology features stories from:

Leslie J. Anderson, C.A. Barrett, Terri Bruce, Aaron DaMommio, M.C. Dwyer, Anthony Eichenlaub, Francesca Forrest, Chloe Garner, W.R. Gingell, Lora Gray, Kelly A. Harmon, Tom Howard, Rollin Jewett, Tom Jolly, Samuel Marzioli, Amanda Nargi, Aimee Ogden, Beth Powers, Darrell J. Pursiful, Charles D. Shell, April Steenburgh, Alena Sullivan, and Troy Tang.

Edited by Robert McCowen and C. J. Brightley.

I’ve been reading my advance review copy, and so far every story has been a winner. You probably know that isn’t always the case with an anthology! Thanks to C. J. Brightley (gotta love that name!) for seeing fit to include my little contribution.
And finally, here are the links to get the ebook in your preferred format:
The paperback can’t be preordered on the regular retailers, but it should go live a few days after the ebook becomes available on March 20.


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